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It's competition time again, with more fantastic prizes! [Don't worry, we'll announce the rgcAudio winners soon].

To celebrate the imminent launch of effect support here @ K-v-R we've sorted out a couple of competitions for you to win some of the best effects available today, courtesy of Ohm Force and iZotope!

The competitions are both very straightforward, and very different.

iZotope are giving you the opportunity to get your hands on their legendary Ozone and the excellent new Trash, all you have to do is create some presets for either plugin using the demo versions.

Ohm Force have supplied us with some loops that you must construct a song with, taking care to use some Ohm Force plugins in the mix (including demos and freebies). Make something that pleases them and you could be going home with any 3 pro versions of their plugins of your choice!



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