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ConcreteFX Ethereal released


ConcreteFX has released Ethereal, a polyphonic synth which uses advanced additive synthesis, powerful envelopes and built in effects to create intricate pads and moving textures.

  • 3 oscillators, using 21 stored waveforms, or 3 user-definable waveforms, which are created using additive synthesis with 30 harmonics.
  • Frequency modulation and 12/24db Moog filter with distortion for added presence.
  • Volume, FM amount, pitch and filter amount controllable with a 16-stage envelope with definable loop points.
  • 3 built in effects, double chorus, delay and 8-stage phaser.
  • 64 presets and a full manual are included.
Ethereal costs $40/Euro38/£25 and a demo version is available.


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