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Ohm Force releases Ohm Studio: Real-time collaborative DAW (Beta)

Ohm Force

Ogm Force has announced that after years of development, Ohm Studio is finally open to anyone for free (it's still a beta though). Thanks to its cloud-based architecture, this collaborative online digital audio workstation lets Windows and Mac users work together—remotely and in real time.

Ohm Studio covers most of the major features available in modern DAWs, such as audio/MIDI recording and editing, as well as VST plugin support. Moreover, it comes with brand new effect plugins especially designed for Ohm Studio:

  • Compressor.
  • Equalizer.
  • Filter.
  • Flanger.
  • Limiter.
  • Vocoder.

And the famous Ohm Force collection:

  • Ohmicide:Melohman (multi-band distortion).
  • OhmBoyz (multi-tap delay).
  • Quad Frohmage (filter bank).
  • Predatohm (multi-band distortion).
  • Mobilohm (phaser).
  • Hematohm (frequency shifter).
  • Frohmage (filter).
  • Ohmygod. (comb filter).
  • Minimonsta:Melohman (synth, by GForce).
  • Oddity (synth, by GForce).

After creating your account on www.ohmstudio.com, access the online server via the Ohm Studio application. You can request to join projects created by other people or start a new one on your own. Once in a project, you can invite other Ohm Studio users or friends with no account to create one and join the project. The interactive interface instantaneously displays every action performed by all members of the project, while the built-in chat eases communication. When the track is done, you can export it to disk or to the project page on the web for showcase.

Beyond the software, Ohm Studio is also a worldwide community of musicians versed in music production. It is the perfect place to create music with bandmates or producers, meet like-minded or different people, find the skills you need and enhance your tracks. In a word, improve your music experience. Ohm Studio offers a modern, efficient, and creative way to make music alone and together.

Still in beta version and constantly updated, Ohm Studio is now ready for massive testing. Don't miss this unique, time-limited opportunity to try free of charge.



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