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Eftilo releases "Scirocco - Dist o' Wave" - Chorus/Vibrato Plugin


Eftilo has released Scirocco - Dist o' Wave. Here's what they say:

There is a new kid on the block! He's called Eftilo and he brought with him his first plug-in: Scirocco - Dist o' Wave.

Scirocco is a highly versatile chorus/vibrato effect with a distorting, state-blendable tone control.

Scirocco features two distinct modulation sources: a periodic one (LFO) and an unpredictable one (RND). While one might associate them with the wow and flutter effect of an electro-mechanical tape machine, these sources are capable of much more.

The LFO comes with a PHASE control, allowing you to smoothly transition from a mono to a stereo modulation effect, turning the plugin into a stereo widener that can be both subtle and extreme.

The RND module comes bundled with an envelope follower (ENV) that can be used to make the random modulation even more unpredictable or to get gnarly phase distortion effects by using your input signal's amplitude-profile to modulate the chorus and vibrato engine directly.

Scirocco also features a state-blendable tone control (TONE) that allows you to sculpt the frequency content of your sound, as you'd expect from its name, but it also comes with a multi-stage dynamic-saturation that can get you anything from a classic overdrive tone to a gated distortion/fuzz sound filled with sub-harmonics. Being the saturation built in the filter itself allows for many different flavours of distortion depending on how you set the TONE colour and slope.

There is a preset manager too, so you can save and recall your favourite settings.

Price: €60.

Visit eftilo.com/plugins/scirocco for more information and to download the unlimited time demo.



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