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Acousticsamples releases "VWinds Flutes" for UVI Workstation


Acousticsamples has announced that the final orchestral library in their VWinds collection, VWinds Flutes, is now available to purchase.

VWinds Flutes is made up of 9 individually-recorded flutes: 2 Flutes, 2 Alto Flutes, 2 Bass Flutes, 2 Piccolos and 1 Contrabass Flute - all performed by world-class musicians.

Like the VHorns before them, VWinds incorporates the Harmonic Alignment Technology ('H.A.T.'), meaning that everything is modeled except the sound source itself, recorded by professional instrumentalists. This gives you the flexibility and responsiveness of a modeled library, combined with the recorded sound of a live player.

Acousticsamples says that, despite its miniature size (~1.6Gb download size for all instruments) and extremely light footprint (low CPU, 120Mb RAM per flute), VWinds Flutes offers a realistic, expressive and versatile sound, through 127 degrees of modulation and velocity, all whilst providing the same responsiveness and playability as all other VSeries libraries.

VWinds Flutes features three different microphone positions, customizable performance techniques such as vibrato, growl/flutter, legato transitions, round robins, micro-tuning, and even control over each harmonic. It also features its own Virtual Space Designer, where you can place each instrument anywhere in an orchestral seating plan. Despite the advanced editing available in the interface, Acousticsamples' core goal has always been to make realistic instruments that are easy to use, without having to worry about multiple CCs or key-switches.

With this library Acousticsamples have also added a whole range of new features and enhancements - all of these can be seen in detail in the walkthrough video.

The complete bundle is available at an introductory offer of €149 until April 30th, 2024, and the instruments can also be purchased separately for €79.



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