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Elevayta releases Convo Boy v1.0.3a


Elevayta has released Convo Boy v1.0.3a.

Convo Boy is a real-time convolution engine; it utilizes Impulse Response (IR) functions to generate audio effects such as reverberation - these impulses can be mono or stereo .wav files - however these are not supplied.

The new v1.0.3a update includes many new features as well as a number of bug fixes:

  • Convo Tools page to Mix & Match IRs.
  • Load multiple stereo/mono IRs and route L/R to channels of choice.
  • Match SR match sample rate feature – performs re-sampling (during load) to match the sample rate of the IR to the sample rate of the host – works with all sample rates.
  • Auto Truncate feature – automatically truncate zeros from the IR (during loading) enables more efficient CPU usage.
  • Trunc. Threshold – all IR values below this level are considered as zero for the Auto truncate feature.
  • Swap L/R – swap left and right channels.
  • IR Balance – independently adjust the IR balance from right to left.
  • Save IR – save your mixed, resampled, filtered, original stereo or mono impulse responses for easy recall and export to other programs.
Convo Boy costs US$12.95.


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