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Extra Boy Pro

Reviewed By Acela944 [all]
December 28th, 2020
Version reviewed: Not sure on Windows

I will change my review to a 5 when I get proper customer service. I cannot get ahold of the developers because their contact form on their site is broken. I paid for the full version of Extra Boy and my audio is still cutting out as if I were still using the trial version! I'm very frustrated.

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Extra Boy

Reviewed By DaveL60 [all]
January 12th, 2006
Version reviewed: 1.24 on Windows

I'm impressed with what Extra Boy can do for vocal removal. I've not tried it yet as any sort of effect; I don't expect to find anything too useful for my purposes, but I might be surprised. I've been called on to create "karaoke" versions of songs off and on the last several years for various reasons. For lack of any other choice, I'd always done the "invert one track and sum" approach and hated the results. With Extra Boy, I don't have to cringe at what I hand over any more.

GUI: It's fine. It's straight forward, and gets the job done. I'm not entirely sure it was worth spreading the controls over two tabs, but what the heck.

Sound: When using it for vocal removal, there are some artifacts left but they're minor and livable, especially after some tweaking of the controls, which let you tune the effect quite a bit. Meanwhile the sound of the music left behind is excellent.

Documentation: Needs some. Not a lot, but some. Right now there's not much info on what any control does. The sliders are mostly pretty obvious, but the buttons aren't always.

Presets: There are a number of buttons that give you different modes of operation, but I'm not sure I'd call them presets. It's adequate.

Customer Support: No idea. Haven't needed it. So, I put in a 7 but don't take it seriously. It may well ought to be a 10.

Value: It's grrrrrrreat! It's free and it works well. Not clear I have a need for the "Pro" version, but that appears to be priced reasonably. I may well make a donation for this one.

Stability: Seems fine. Haven't torture tested it, but it's not that kind of thing, now, is it.
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Clone Boy

Reviewed By Motion [all]
June 29th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.0.7 on Windows

Clone Boy has been about for just a short time now.The Gui is very functional,everything is nicely laid out across 2 pages which consist of the main controls and the clone scope page,each of which use a mixture of sliders and buttons,the spectral windows give very good visual feedback.Overall the Gui is both attractive and at times visually quite hypnotic.

Now the sound!!...this is what this little beauty is all about.After using the clone for a few months now I have increasingly become quite enamoured by the sound and creative power of this little sonic gem.By imposing the spectral shape of one sound upon the other you will get the most fabulous spectral squashes,squeezes,squelches and smears,depending on your material.
Describing the Clone Boys sound...well think of it like this...the resulting sound being related to the original source but different,what you get is this hybrid fused sound which can deliver many unique,creative and useful sounds.With drum loops you can obtain some of the fattest,hardest,sharpest sonics.There are many other sounds from cross breeding the rhythmics of melodies and chords.

Using the Clone gain,window,mask,freeze,smooth and threshold functions in conjunction with the receive,transmit and clone buttons allow you to radically or subtley alter the "sound shape",there are many variations to be had with these controls whether it be on whole tracks,loops or samples.
Midi automation is not implemented at this time but the Clone will respond to host automation providing you with even more twisting power.Whilst you can be quite directive with the Clone,experimentation is both rewarding and a lot of fun.You can also use it as a single instance.Clone Boy does more than it says on the tin in a quick and easy way without the hassle and complexity of doing this sort of thing by other means.

The documentation is succinct,well written,straight forward and to the point,providing you with what you need to know.

Presets are not required,it's roll your own because the sound will be radically different depending on your source material.You can save and recall setups matched to known material if you want to use it this way.

Paul at Elevayta is responsive,helpful and very informative.He is easily as good as the best devs here at KVR with support.

The asking price for this is farcical given what I know and get out of this plug.Do not be misled by the low asking price.Clone Boy 1.07 is a thoroughly professional plug,as is its other 2 bretheren,the Wide Boy and Freq Boy.

Clone Boy behaved well.I experienced no crashes in Ableton,Pro5,Logic,Sonar or Traction.

For the creative sound hound,experimentalist,DJ or others.Clone Boy is a dirty dark secret...well not any more because now you know.Jamming or tracking live with the clone can yield very musical results because of the way it provides similar variations but being seemingly different but at the same time retains a sense of continuity.Very Potent stuff indeed.
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Wide Boy

Reviewed By smellytongue [all]
April 6th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

I liked this little plug,it did what it said on the tin and made a nice wide image to get the bass sitting pretty in the centre of the mix. Love to use it more ....but.....it doesnt like acid pro 4.0 and is a massive cpu hog. So as much as id like to use it ...fraid i gotta pass. Ill check out the pro version to see if bugs are fixed.

update 22/04\04
Tried the wider boy and this works fine. Go for that one.
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Wider Boy Pro

Reviewed By SRF [all]
March 19th, 2004
Version reviewed: 3.07 on Windows

Now here's a nice little plug. I know many are sceptical of stereo enhancers, and I am too a bit, but this one is just too useful to ignore.

Essentially, Wider Boy simply takes your mix and widens its stereo image. The trick is that it offers some flexible options to make this effect subtle or extreme, and different algorithms for how much it "colours" the sound. It also avoids the "disappearing bass" problem by enabling you to leave the signal mono below a predefined frequency, and lets you boost it if you need to.

I'm not technically adept enough to explain all of its features (sorry). All I can say is that on my current tune, used subtly, it has slightly widened the mix to make room for the bass in the middle. Suddenly it all sounds better with minimal effort. There are some more extreme settings that might be useful in other contexts too.

For the next version, it would be great to see more frequency bands that could be processed independently. But as it stands it's a very useful plug.

Bottom line: it works, the price is excellent, and you may find it really helps breathe life into a mix. For a tenner of yer English money, you can't go wrong.

[EDIT - it has a decent PDF manual. I just haven't read it - haven't needed to so far.]
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