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Eventide releases DeBoom and Sheen Machine with Intro Specials


Eventide has announced intro offers for both DeBoom and Sheen Machine:

  • DeBoom - Tames low-frequency muddiness without losing thump and removes resonance while keeping punch. Now $25 (reg. $49).
  • Sheen Machine - Accentuate the "airy" quality of any signal without adding sibilance or harshness. Now $25 (reg. $49).

Visit etide.io/split-essentials for more information.



DeBoom is a purpose-driven tool for surgically addressing common low frequency equalization problems. Kick drums, bass, and similar sound sources can contribute to low frequency "muddiness." Traditional EQs 'solve' the problem but cause collateral damage - the drum's thump goes out with the boom. The bass attack gets tossed with its resonance. DeBoom solves this problem by using Eventide's patented Structural Split technology to EQ the tonal portion of the sound separately from the transient.


  • Repair: DeBoom quickly and easily removes low-frequency muddiness without sacrificing impact. It's a powerful, yet simple, tool for repairing audio that otherwise require extensive, clumsy traditional tools.
  • Reshape: DeBoom surgically "shapes" low frequencies without causing collateral damage.
  • Enhance: DeBoom can be used to tighten up the low frequencies to better refine their balance.

Sheen Machine

Sheen Machine is a purpose-driven tool for adding smooth and airy high-end to sound sources without introducing the high-frequency harshness often generated by a traditional high-shelf boost. Using Eventide's patented Structural Split technology, Sheen Machine provides a simple solution for resolving complex problems often introduced when adding "sheen" to a signal, allowing for independent control over the transient and tonal layers of a signal without implicitly impacting the entire audio signal like a traditional EQ would. Power users have been doing exactly this using the full-featured SplitEQ plug-in.


  • Repair: Sheen Machine makes it easy to add tonal high-end to an otherwise dull recording or add "airiness" to vocals helping them shine brightly in a mix.
  • Rebalance: From subtle to dramatic, musically rebalance vocals, synths, and other instruments by surgically adding tonal-high end without causing harshness.
  • Enhance: Enhance the high-frequency information of incoming signals, adding vibrancy to sound sources with ease.


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