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Fanan team releases Midisquid - Multi Channel MIDI Controller for Windows

Fanan Team

Fanan team has released Midisquid, a multi channel MIDI controller for Windows. They say:

Midisquid is a stand-alone Windows application that allows live performers to play with up to 16 standalone VST instruments or opened DAWs on stage or in live jams by routing the MIDI signal via MIDI cables or any recognized MIDI out source.

The user can use up to 16 MIDI hardware controllers and route them to up to 16 virtual MIDI cables at once.

By using their keyboard's MIDI CC buttons, they can instantly switch between instruments or DAWs that opened on their desktop and they can even split their keyboard into 2 zones and route instruments to keyboard's upper and lower zones.

Each instrument button is routing the MIDI signal to the matching VSTi instrument through a matching MIDI cables. Midisquid can also play in multi-mode by triggering several instruments at once (up to 16) and can even determine each keyboard zone's unique octave.

Key features:

  • 16 internal MIDI channel which route any connected MIDI hardware to any recognized MIDI out source, including MIDI cables.
  • 16 cc controlled pads that instantly switch between played channels.
  • File based preset manager.
  • Keyboard splitting ability (into 2 zones).
  • Single and multi channel playing modes.
  • Octave detuner.
  • MIDI map manager.
  • Resizable GUI.

Price: 30$ as a Royal Pack member.



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