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Felt Tip updates Sound Studio to v4.5.4

Felt Tip

Felt Tip recently updated Sound Studio to version 4.5.4.

Changes in v4.5.4:

  • Fixed bug with dropped samples during audio recording and playthrough.
  • Fixed bug in Preferences with audio device channel selection.
  • Fixed bug with filter preview crashing if play button is pressed twice.

Changes in v4.5.3:

  • Fixed bug with dropped samples in the right channel during playback.

Changes in v4.5.2:

  • Fixed bug with missing audio input and output channel selection.
  • Fixed crashing bug with playback when fast forwarding, rewinding, or right-clicking in the window.
  • Fixed crashing bug when using the 3-band EQ, 10-band EQ, and Graphic EQ effects.
  • Fixed crashing bug with saving in FLAC.
  • Fixed latency bugs with audio playthrough and playback.
  • Fixed bugs with toggling looping during playback.
  • Fixed bug with using Save Selection As on an unsaved file.
  • Fixed UI bug with trying to save an MP3 file when LAME is not installed.
  • Fixed UI bug where keypresses were not being handled correctly in the markers sidebar in the document window.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.


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