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Final Effect releases Final Compressor and Final Limit plugins for Mac & Win, VST3, AU & AAX

Final Effect

Final Effect has announced the release of Final Compressor and Final Limit for macOS and Windows in VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats. 14-day trial versions are available.

Final Compressor is a comprehensive compressor with mid/side mode well suited to mixing any genre of music as well as characterful, creative compression. It has additional features such as dry/wet mix, sidechain high pass filtering, continuous variable ratio and intuitive visual controls.

Final Effect says:

With an in-house developed compression engine, Final Compressor delivers precision dynamic control unachievable by any traditional hardware option. [...] Thanks to its Logarithmic or Linear Curve settings, Final Compressor can also be used as a sonic superweapon, giving a creative setting ('Lin') that can push a signal to extremes of power and weight.


  • Intuitive visual controls with spectrograph.
  • Continuous Ratio control.
  • Auto gain and manual Makeup Gain control.
  • Mid/Side mode.
  • Dry/Wet mix.
  • Input and output metering.
  • Input and Output gain control.
  • Sidechain high-pass filtering.

Price: $200.

Final Limit is a limiter with intuitive visual controls. With its Normal and Aggressive limiter modes, it's versatile in its uses, being equally at home adding flavor to a drum group as it is transparently taming an entire mixdown.

More than a simple limiter, Final Limit also boasts a range of additional controls: fine-tune your mixes with mid/side limiting; mono-ize or widen your audio with width control; and make decisions more intuitively with powerful audio visualization.


  • Spectral input meter and intuitive visual Threshold control bar.
  • Threshold and Ceiling dials for precise limiting.
  • LUFS output loudness readout for optimized mixing.
  • Normal and Aggressive limiter modes for two different limiter personalities.
  • Attack and Release controls for smooth.
  • Stereo and Mid/Side modes for.
  • Sidechain filter controls.
  • Dry/Wet mix control.
  • Auto Gain mode automatically applies makeup gain.
  • Clipping mode.
  • Input and Output gain.

Price: $180.

* Prices exclude Sales Tax



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