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Fuzzpilz releases Oatmeal


Fuzzpilz has released Oatmeal, a freeware two-oscillator subtractive synth VSTi for Windows.


  • Two oscillators: Waveform, Amp, Tpitch (aftertouch > pitch), Pulsewidth, PWM rate, PWM depth, Trans (transpose), Detune, Touch (aftertouch > osc amp).
  • Noise (white or bandpassed): Amp, Touch, Resonance, Transpose.
  • Filter: Filter type, Double (filter doubling), Cutoff, Track (keytracking), Reso (resonance), Split, Mix, Touch (aftertouch > cutoff), Mod (envelope modulation), Velocity, Filter envelope, Speed ratio.
  • Envelope: Attack, Hold, Decay 1, Breakpoint, Decay 2, Sustain, Release.
  • Distortion: Type, Mode, Oversample, Pregain, Limit, Postgain.
  • Chorus: Mode, Rate, Delay, Range, Feedback, Mix: Dry/wet mix, Voices.
  • Delay: Unit, Quantize, Input pan, Rotation, Dry, Wet, Length (left and right), Feedback (left and right), Reverse (left and right), Lowpass, Highpass, On/off switch.
  • Reverb: Room size, Length, Predelay, Early (reflections), Dull(ness), Bright(ness), 1/2/3, rotate, Dry and wet output gain, On/off switch.
  • EQ (5-band parametric equalizer): Type switch, Frequency, Amp, Slope.
  • Pitch envelope: Start, Attack, Peak, Decay, Sustain, Release, Velocity, On/off switch.
  • Mod envelope: Attack, Hold, etc., Mod depth, Mod target, Velocity.
  • Tuning: Tune, Octave, Cut reference, Pan reference, Notes.
  • LFO (x2): Shape, Mode, Unit, Rate, Quantize, Cut 1, Cut 2, Resonance, Pitch, Pan, Rate2/1.
  • XY Pad: Mod depth, Mod target, CC selectors, Vr (XY random radius) and vs (XY random rate).
  • Arpeggiator: pattern, length, Mode, Unit, Quantize, Step, Arp notes.

More details here.



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