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FXpansion BFD v1.5.0.29 now available


FXpansion has released version of BFD.

Recent changes:

  • Fixed groove librarian groove-drag exception introduced in b28.
  • Fixed hihats loading to non-hihat slots.
  • Fixed occasional cpu spike when starting kit piece hit animations on Mac.
  • Fixed mismatched kit piece loading to only load the max number of hit types supported by the kit piece slot.
  • Changed output assignment panel default files to have a separate default file per BFD variety.
  • Added new auxiliary data to Mac installer.
  • Improved detection of abortable disk stream buffer loads.
  • Improved hihat x-fade algorithms for edrummers. NOTE: requires LOAD ALL TO RAM at present (in-house beta).
  • Improved string + array recycling + garbage collection (reduces memory fragmentation).
  • Changed: hihat position display to right of Drum Room window, moved position text above top of trigger options panel.
  • Fixed: Multiple instances of BFD on mac no longer interfere with each other's animations.
  • Fixed possible crash when hitting mute button, optimized editor's "update" calls.
  • Fixed non-16-byte-aligned type conversion exception in SSE2 disk streaming code (WIN).
  • Fixed: <16k buffers work again.
  • Fixed mixers sub-folder crash.
  • Added: Chooser panel will now recall the kit piece class last browsed, and per kit piece slot.
  • Added: Note filters in Groove Librarian now serialize.
  • Added disk info output (Win).
  • Added extra pointer paranoia in synth engine.


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