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FXpansion releases BFD v1.5.0.31


FXpansion has updated BFD to v1.5.0.31.

Changes since v1.5.0.29:

  • Fixed problem restarting BFD engine.
  • More hihat improvements.
  • Fixed some minor value transfer bugs in table views (adv. key mapper).
  • Invalid swing templates in presets now handled in a nicer way - Simple Swing 16 now forced through as a default.
  • Tom sets with 2 drums loaded to mixer bank 2 are now "redirected" in the same way as mixer page 1.
  • Fixed another source of DP CPU spikes - groove shuffle processing. Reduced use of OSX slow critical sections, aggressive inlining.
  • Anti machine gun mode scaled to +/- 10% of velocity layers present, and affected by velocity randomization amount.
  • OSX 10.2.8 support re-attained.
  • Added kit title to "close up" view in chooser panel.
  • Right mouse ctrl-click support on Mac (to edit kit piece info text).
  • Rewire installer on mac checks date of currently installed ReWire library, and only overwrites if BFD's copy is newer.


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