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Genuine Soundware updates VB3 to v1.4


Genuine Soundware has updated VB3 to v1.4.

What's new in version 1.4:

  • Added new Rotary Speaker simulation derived from the code for the upcoming VB3 version 2.
  • Added option to choose the destination of MIDI CC# 64 (sustain, rotary switch or assignable).
  • Added new item in the DAT (ini) file for the CC# of rotary brake for the "2 controllers" option.
  • When the organ preset octave isn't active, keys below the first C and above the last C play folded-back octaves.
  • When switching between organ presets something made the switching get slower over and over. Fixed.
  • When switching between organ presets while playing, an audible crackle was produced. Fixed.
  • Now the "Midi Learn" takes the correct Channel even when the Split is active.
  • Now the Split function leaves the pedalboard available on its own separate channel.
  • The pedalboard tapering is now correct (sub-harmonics were missing on some notes).
  • When the host saved a project, VB3 muted its sound and caused an audible click. Fixed.
  • Now programs and banks are saved as "custom chunks".
  • Reorganized the .DAT file and renamed it to .INI and moved the .FXP .INI and .LIC file locations on Mac to the User Library.


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