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Ginger Audio releases "GroundControl Caster" Mixing Board for Streamers and Podcasters - 40% off intro offer

Ginger Audio

Ginger Audio has announced the release of GroundControl Caster, a mixing board for Streamers and Podcasters, with a 40% off introductory offer.

GroundControl Caster makes it easy to mix your audio feeds from various applications and hardware input devices.

The app allows you to create dedicated virtual audio drivers, process your audio with AU plug-ins, mix and stream.

For inputs, GroundControl Caster supports up to eight application source inputs so you can bring audio streams from DAWs, conferencing apps, or your desktop sound. The app supports also up to three physical input channels, intended for bringing in signals from the microphone and any hardware input devices.

One of the app's most interesting features is the option to insert up to three plugins on any input. This means that you can add effects without having to run your audio through a DAW or other application to do so.

The app has two output busses, you can choose to send each input to bus A, B, or both- This way, it's easy to control what's going into your stream, and what is not.

With the included Ground Control virtual driver, you can send these mixes to your streaming application or DAW. There is also another plugin insert option for each output, as well as a level control.

GroundControl Caster is now available from the developer's website for an introductory price of USD 49 (down from USD 79).

With GroundControl Caster you can stream gameplays, create professional screencasts, produce high-quality podcasts, and much more.



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