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Ginger Audio releases GroundControl Room: Standalone application for routing, processing, and monitoring for Mac

Ginger Audio

Ginger Audio has announced the release of GroundControl Room, a Standalone application for OS X intended for controlling your studio sound. They say:

GroundControl Room offers an easy-to-use solution for controlling your entire studio sound, with a set of powerful routing and monitoring features, usually found in professional mixing consoles.

GroundControl Room lets you patch between audio interfaces. Its built-in virtual audio driver allows you to feed audio from your system sound and other applications into the GroundControl Room app.

For instance, you could select your mic as input 1, Zoom app as input 2, Logic Pro as input 3, your RME interface as input 4, and your iPad as input 5.

GroundControl Room enables you to toggle between these virtual and physical audio inputs and compare your mix through different outputs, all in one place.

GroundControl Room supports up to five Input channels, with the 5th input pre-configured to host a talkback mic. GroundControl Room also allows up to five outputs, so you can listen to your audio on various speaker sets or route to a headphone \ sub mix. The fifth output is pre-configured as cue mix - sending the talkback mic and any other input you select to the cue mix.

GroundControl Room features:

  • Virtual drivers - allows you to get audio from system sound and other applications into your control room app.
  • Remote control with Key Commands\ MIDI learn.
  • Set any of your audio interfaces as input\output.
  • Easily to toggle between 5 sets of monitors (including sub and headphones).
  • Insert plugins on any input, output, or even the main section.
  • Independent volume controls for each input, output, and main out.
  • Mute, mono, dim buttons for the main out.
  • Peak meters for input and output levels.
  • Cue mix for recording monitoring.

With GroundControl Room you can control your entire sound setup- for any purpose. Whether you are mixing a tune, mastering a song, or recording a new one - GroundControl Room is a powerful control room tool for any studio.

Intro Price: $49 for the release month (Reg. $79). A free trial includes 7 days with the software's full version.



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