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GSi updates VB3-II to v1.0.1


GSi has updated VB3-II to v1.0.1.


  • Added global setting "Lower Octave Up if Split" to shift lower manual by one octave when the split function is active.
  • The MIDI CC assigned to the Rotary Speed lever now accepts values <32 for Slow, >95 for Fast and in the middle for Stop.
  • Added functions to the FILES Menu for resetting the whole Bank or restoring the factory Bank.
  • Responds to MIDI "All Notes Off" message (CC #123, value 0).
  • Changed mouse response to the Program label: left-click for opening the Program list, right click for editing the Program name.
  • Fixed problem with upper manual responding on both channels 1 and 2 when swapping upper and lower channels.
  • Fixed problem with editing windows not appearing on the foreground in some hosts under OS X.
  • Fixed problem with the Program list not being downloaded correctly by some hosts.


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