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Heavyocity releases VAST Impulse Engine


Heavyocity has unveiled VAST, a creative convolution plugin. Featuring a broad range of user-friendly controls, VAST offers a variety of innovative convolution based reverbs, rhythmic echoes, and unique effects.

The idea behind a convolution designer grew out of the techniques we've fine-tuned in our other products, VAST isn't just another reverb plugin—it's like revealing a vibrant canvas for expanding, echoing, filtering, and transforming sound in unexpected ways. It reflects our dedication to pushing the limits of sound design.

Ari Winters, Creative Director, Heavyocity

Central to VAST is its Impulse Engine, featuring creative controls and effects. Users can explore over 200 impulse responses or import their own audio files to use as IRs. The plugin provides a combination of modules including convolution, gate, compression, EQ and delay, and offers more than 200 presets for immediate inspiration in your sound projects.

For a limited period, Heavyocity is offering VAST at a promotional price of $79 (regularly priced at $99).

Furthermore, owners of Heavyocity's FURY, PUNISH, or PUNISH Lite plugins are eligible for an extra $20 discount on VAST, with registered products. These offers are valid until February 12, 2024 at Heavyocity.com

A free, time-limited demo version of VAST is also available, with certain restrictions.




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