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Hit'n'Mix announces RipX DAW for Apple Vision Pro


Hit'n'Mix has announced an forthcoming update to its RipX Digital Audio Workstation, integrating it with the Apple Vision Pro for an immersive music production experience. This update allows users to interact with music in a three-dimensional, color-coded space, moving beyond traditional waveform-based editing to an intuitive spatial interaction with sound.

The DAW enables musicians to work with live recordings, MIDI, and stem-separated tracks in a novel, fully editable format, where audio elements are distinguished by their placement in a virtual space.

One of our aims in recent years has been to not only create an AI DAW that simplifies and de-clutters the music-making experience, but to also innovate within the fledgling virtual music-making space. So, whilst RipX DAW is gaining recognition as the best and only AI DAW of its kind, we are also announcing that soon, with Apple Vision Pro, RipX DAW will also offer a completely new, interactive, compositional experience, giving users much more freedom to view and create music in their chosen surroundings - all utilising our unique, note-based Rip audio format.

Martin DAW, Hit'n'Mix CEO

Together, RipX DAW and RipX DAW PRO represent the first Spatial & 3D AI DAW on the market, offering a groundbreaking tool for music production that combines immersive experiences with a deep level of control over sound. This innovation not only simplifies music creation but also opens up new possibilities for creativity and interaction in the virtual and real world.

One of the key advantages of working with audio files in RipX DAW, is its ability to visualise the partials within a stem. This allows the user to separate and clean up an instrument from a mix unlike any other DAW. Bringing this functionality to the Apple Vision Pro creates space for these visualisations and adds another level of immersion for artists wishing to explore audio with the latest technology. In the future, collaborating in shared virtual spaces will be common, saving us time and reducing the need for us to travel physically to create with others.

Plaid - Warp Records

The platform comes in two versions: RipX DAW, priced at $99/£99/€114, and the more advanced RipX DAW PRO, available for $198/£198/€228. RipX DAW PRO adds enhanced features for professional users, including advanced stem clean-up, sound manipulation tools, and comprehensive control over audio through Python scripting.



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