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HoRNet releases 80Verb - Vintage Lush Reverb Plugin for macOS and Windows


HoRNet has announced the release of 80Verb, a vintage algorithmic reverb plugin that aims to bring back the classic digital reverb sound.

Main Features:

  • Classic Controls: Pre-delay, reverb length, and a versatile filtering section let you shape the reverb just the way you want.
  • Modern Flexibility: Customize sample rate and bit depth, precision filters for audio input, oversampling for accuracy.
  • Intuitive Interface: Say goodbye to hidden menus; HoRNet 80Verb's user-friendly interface makes tweaking your sound a breeze.
  • Instant Inspiration: Choose from ready-to-use presets for quick creative sessions.

Price: 16.99€. A demo version is available at hornetplugins.com



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