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HoRNet releases HarmoniQ Inharmonic Equalizer (VST3, AU & AAX)


HoRNet announces the release of HarmoniQ, a new plugin designed to help musicians and audio engineers achieve cleaner, more refined sound by removing inharmonic frequencies from their tracks.

Here's what they say:

HarmoniQ simplifies the traditionally tedious process of inharmonic frequency removal with real-time audio analysis and automatic filtering. Key features include adjustable effect amount, smart learn mode, and the ability to save and recall settings, all wrapped in an intuitive interface.

Ideal for both acoustic instruments and complex soundscapes, HarmoniQ applies up to 50 precise filters to ensure your audio tracks retain their natural warmth while eliminating disruptive elements. The plugin's user-friendly design makes harmonic equalization straightforward and efficient, allowing users to focus on their creativity.

HoRNet HarmoniQ is available for 34,99€ on hornetplugins.com Owner of the Complete Bundle get 40% off.



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