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HoRNet releases Butterfly - Mastering Tool and Channel Strip


HoRNet Plugins has announced the immediate availability of Butterfly, a tool designed to be used both for mastering and as channel strip.

Packaged into a single plugin you can find: an equalizer (using the same technology found in HoRNet's TotalEQ), a compressor (using the same technology of SyncPressor), a clipper and a limiter (using the same technology of Magnus MK2). In the left part of the interface you can find a handy LUFS metering section that shows you the input and output levels with the standard "momentary", "short term", "integrated" and "true peak" readings.

HoRNet says:

With its four processing modules HoRNet Butterfly can be used to master any stereo song with high precision and great results.

The unexpected channel strip

While HoRNet designed the plugin to work on stereo busses there is nothing that prevents you from using it on mono channels transforming it into a powerful channel strip and of course if you don't need a limiter or a clipper each module can be independently disabled to save CPU power.

HoRNet Butterfly is available for both Windows and MacOS (including M1 native support) for 37,99 € on www.hornetplugins.com



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