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HoRNet releases L3012 - Bass Channel Strip


HoRNet plugins has released L3012 Bass Channel, a compete channel strip for bass.

The plugin is the result of the collaboration between HoRNet Plugins and Lusi, an Italian bass player, and aims to give you in a single package the tools you need for bass processing both in studio and live.

HoRNet L3012 packs under its interface an analog tube preamp section that can be overdriven to add grit to your sound, followed by a gentle "bass boost" circuit and a transient shaper, which makes the attack and picks of your bass sound great. You then get high pass and low pass filters, a low shelf, high shelf and a fully parametric mid band to fix resonances and shape your sound, the last stage is a complete compressor modelled after a famous VCA compressor often used on bass.

Price: 29,99€ on www.hornetplugins.com



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