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HoRNet releases "Sybilla Pro" - Multi Filter De-esser for Mac & Win VST, AU & RTAS


HoRNet has announced the release of Sybilla Pro, a feature rich version of the Sybilla de-esser plug-in.

Sybilla Pro builds on the effective de-essing algorithm of Sybilla and exposes many of the internal parameters that are pre-set in the standard version.

Sybilla Pro features:

  • Attack and release compression constants.
  • Eight key filters with frequency selection and level setting.
  • Two different compression models.
  • Independent meters for each filter.
  • Key listen for every filter and for the whole filter bank.
  • Real GR (Instantaneous gain reduction meter with peak hold).
  • Relative threshold to catch sibilance even at low levels.

Price: €21,99. An upgrade path is available for owners of the regular Sybilla de-esser.



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