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Iridium Iris Software releases "Black Sonar" - Frequency Analyzer


Iridium Iris Software has released the Black Sonar frequency analyzer. Black Sonar is a stereo signal analysis tool that allows audio to be visualized in time or frequency domain in any sample rate.

Black Sonar has 2 channels drawn in different colors where a user can change the transparency of the topmost for better visibility while comparing the two signals:

  • Time Domain; the waveform is constant drawn from left to right visualizing the strength over time, displaying the peaks in dB. The RMS for each channel are also displayed and will change depending of what part the user is looking at.
  • Frequency Domain; the spectral power representing the strength across each frequency. The mouse cursor will display hertz and decibel at any given point.

Price: $16. There is a fully functional free evaluation version which can be found here.



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