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Iridium Iris Software releases "Paragon Bass" - Electric Bass Guitar VSTi and AU


Iridium Iris Software has released Paragon Bass for Mac OS X and Windows in AU and VST instrument plugin formats.

The Paragon Bass instrument works like their previous plugin, Reality Bass, but also contains new algorithms and sound samples from a real custom made 5-stringed bass equipped with Bartolini pickups.

The Paragon Bass is designed to contain articulations and effects to cover many genres.


  • Open / muted fifths.
  • Open / muted octaves.
  • Open / muted fourths P4.
  • Open / muted single notes.
  • Down / up or alternating strumming of intervals.
  • Single/Solo playing in two modes.
  • Bending of single notes and intervals with automation.
  • Gain / distortion / fuzz control.
  • Rich Slap sound.
  • Palm mute algorithm with automation.
  • Hammer on / pull off.
  • Portamento / neck slide control with automation.
  • Strumming control with automation.
  • Unlimited velocity curve.
  • Full chokes.
  • Patterns.
  • Slap Bass mode on/off.
  • Bass guitar neck that displays taken intervals and notes.
  • Knob for changing volume of the attack part.
  • Knob for changing the main volume.
  • Chorus effect panel.
  • 5-strings.
  • Pattern Maker.
  • Transpose knob.
  • Bass samples from a real 5 stringed bass - this bass was custom made for the project equipped with Bartolini pickups. A bass was sampled in the studio and after that edited and fitted so that they wouldn't go out of phase.
  • You can add additional plectrum attack - This will bring more aggression to the sound.
  • Change the velocity curve; now with more life with our new algorithm.
  • Knob for adding more or less plectrum attack sound.
  • Additional knob for adjusting the intensity so that you can play harder and you can also with this change the velocity of the slap sound.
  • The string panel, with this you can change the volume of an individual string and change the balance of each string in stereo. This means that if you want for an example the bass to follow the bass drum in a song, you can place the low end strings (B and E) on top of the bass drum and spread out the others in the stereo image. Maybe you want to place one or more of the high end strings on top of the snare, it will give the mix a new dimension.

Price: $34.




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