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Iridium Iris Software updates "Paragon Bass" Electric Bass Guitar VSTi and AU to v1.1.0


Iridium Iris Software has released a new version 1.1.0 of Paragon Bass for Mac OS X and Windows in AU and VST instrument plugin formats.

The most important update to this version is the sub bass, because of the previous lack of low-end on the B & E strings. Iridium Iris Software has added more sub bass, not by equalizing/bass boosting the samples but instead adding what was missing.

Try the demo version so that you can see exactly what you will get.

Added to this new version are:

  • Flanger effect panel.
  • More sub bass was added to the B and E string.
  • Fret/Capo on the fretboard display (added to the VSTi versions that didn't have this).
  • Knob number read-outs added (to the VSTi versions that didn't have them on all knobs).
  • All versions GUIs looks the same (PC & OS X).
  • Better threading performance.

Price: $35.



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