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Iridium Iris Software releases Lethality - Electric Guitar Virtual Instrument for Windows VST


Iridium Iris Software has announced the release of Lethality, an advanced electric guitar virtual instrument plug-in designed to be a true electric guitar.

The goal was to create an easy to use rock & alternative guitar sound. This instrument isn't just for composers, video game arrangements and other productions, it is also a tool for producers and guitarists.

Lethality contains all important articulations and effects to cover the span of alternative and rock genres:

  • Open / muted power chords with or without Major and minor third.
  • Open / muted octave chords.
  • Open / muted refused chords.
  • Open / muted single notes.
  • Down / up or alternating strumming of chords.
  • Bending of single notes and chords with automation.
  • Pinch harmonic squeals.
  • Gain / distortion / fuzz control.
  • Palm mute algorithm with automation.
  • Hammer on / pull off.
  • Portamento / neck slide control with automation.
  • Strumming control with automation.
  • Unlimited velocity curve.
  • Full chokes (all strings mute).
  • Humanizer.

A demo version of "Lethality" is available to download as a VST plug-in for Windows 64/32-bit. The full version is available to purchase for €26 / $35.



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