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Ivosight updates Soundop Audio Editor to v1.7.2.0 for Windows


Ivosight has updated Soundop Audio Editor, a Windows application for audio recording, editing, mixing and mastering, to version


  • Supported solo safe mode of track.
  • Supported locking clip in time.
  • Added clip state of stretch and pitch.
  • Supported save and load workspace layout.
  • Support adding multiple shortcut key for one command.
  • Supported exporting command list to clipboard.
  • Added commands to adjust time selection and edit-cursor.
  • Added commands for scroll and zoom operation.
  • Added commands to move selected track up and down.
  • Added a command to edit track color.
  • Added commands to select clips in a track.
  • Supported linking source file for a clip.
  • Added command to link all offline source files.
  • Add a command to silence clips in the time selection.
  • Add a command to trim clips.
  • Add a command to split all clips under edit-cursor.
  • Add commands to nudge clips.
  • Add a command to rename clip.
  • Add a command to rename clip group.
  • Add commands to delete markers.
  • Add a command to show source file of the selected clip in the Files panel.
  • Supported managing offline files in the Files panel.
  • Added a command to zoom in at edit-cursor.
  • Added commands to toggle track mute, solo, record and monitor.
  • Added commands to change options of playback.
  • Added a command to toggle enabled state of all channels.
  • Added a command to analyze frequency.
  • Added commands to insert audio files to mixspace and CD project.
  • Added commands to add files to CD project and batch processor.
  • Added commands to switch time display format.
  • Added commands to switch projects.
  • Added a command to maximize a panel group.
  • Added a command to show project file in Explorer.
  • Modified layout of the main menu.
  • Modified some default shortcut keys.
  • Fixed some bugs.

Price: $129.



Discussion: Active
23 July 2019 at 1:15pm

This product looks a great deal like an Adobe product (specifically Audition).

What is known about this company and how safe is this software?

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