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Ivosight updates Soundop Audio Editor to v1.9.0.0 for Windows


Ivosight has updated Soundop Audio Editor, a Windows application for audio recording, editing, mixing and mastering, to version


  • Add a new option to synchronize video when editing audio in the audio file editor.
  • Support auto-trim and batch auto-trim.
  • Support default zoom in the audio file editor.
  • Add an option to insert silence between appended audio files.
  • Add a command to cut before and after edit-cursor.
  • Show the frequency selection range on the status bar.
  • Improve zooming behavior when cropping audio files.
  • Support organizing tracks with folders.
  • Support deactivating tracks and hiding inactive tracks.
  • Add an option to bring clips to the front when clicking them.
  • Support overwriting existing metadata when batch processing.
  • Support active state of actions in processor.
  • Support processor category.
  • Support adding files of selected type from folders recursively.
  • Add an option to use source format when batch processing.
  • Add an option to keep folder structure in the target folder when batch processing.
  • Add an option for one-step undo of processor commands.
  • Support changing effect preset in the menu.

  • Support custom time signature.

  • Add an option to center the cursor when showing the play cursor.

  • Add an option of remembering file format when exporting audio files.

  • Add an option to edit the marker name when adding a marker.

  • Support dropping CSV files on the Marker panel to import markers.

  • Support amplitude zoom presets.

  • Add menu items for horizontal zoom presets.

  • Support opening drop-down lists with the keyboard.

  • Support opening drop-down menus with the keyboard.

  • Add menu items to expand and collapse tree items.

  • Improve compatibility with VST plugins.

  • Fix some bugs.



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