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JamSoft updates SampleSort to v1.3.811


Today JamSoft has updated SampleSort to v1.3.811. This update includes new features, cosmetic updates and various bug fixes.

JamSoft have made significant improvements to the search process and SampleSort can now import directly from Zip archives and extract files to the host file system.

Zip File Imports (Pro)

Importing from ZIP archives is now available for SampleSort Pro users. The import dialog shows a list of the folders and files that will be extracted. If the archive contains any password protected contents, you will be prompted for the password before you can start the import.

Search Presets:

The search toolbar now includes a new pop-up containing a library of predefined searches. These pre-defined searches can be used as a learning tool illustrating how to use the search feature and provide a starting point for your own much more advanced searches.

The Or Operator

This version also includes a powerful new implementation of the Or operator within the search process. Until this version the Or operator only worked on multiple values for a given field, such as Name like snare or bass. With this search SampleSort is asking for any file that has "snare" or "bass" in the file name field. This new release enables the Or operator to be applied to entire clauses within the search, such as: Category = perc Or Sub-Category like perc Or Name like perc Ext = WAV.

This makes the search feature much more powerful, flexible and inclusive.

What this search is now saying is any sample where the category or sub-category is perc, include it in the search results. It then also says if the string "perc" appears anywhere in the file name, include those in the results as well. The final clause then says but only include files that match those criteria if the file is also an audio .wav file.



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