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JamSoft updates SampleSort to v1.4.920 for Windows


JamSoft has updated SampleSort to v1.4.920, featuring a new file management view, cosmetic updates and bug fixes.

File Management

This new release adds an entirely new manager view to the application. Until now it was fairly easy for SampleSort to fall out of sync with the file system. Once a scan of a directory structure was completed any changes to the underlying file system was opaque to SampleSort. Now with this new view any file system changes can be performed using SampleSort which solves this particular issue by echoing the file system changes to your projects.

This new view also provides the ability to manage the contents of the file system within the application. Any changes that are made to the underlying file system are applied to projects in order to keep them in sync.

The view also provides the ability to have multiple panels concurrently open showing multiple disk locations within one easy view, reminiscent of macOS Finder.

File System Synchronisation

When using the manger view to move, copy or delete items from the file system, these action are also applied to the current project file in order to keep it in sync with the file system.

You can also keep other projects in sync by adding them to the sync projects list. Now when changes are made to the file system the changes are propagated to multiple projects in addition to the currently open project.



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