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Jesse White releases "Drum Racks Diesel" - Automatically generate Drum Racks for Ableton Live

Jesse White

Jesse White has released Drum Racks Diesel, a desktop app that runs in Adobe Air (on Windows and Mac OS X). This app functions as a utility that will automatically create Ableton Live Drum Racks based on modified GM2 Percussion Map standards. A music producer who uses Ableton Live 8.2.1+, has some third party drum sounds in WAV or AIFF format, and uses Drum Racks for their drum tracks may find this utility very useful.

  • Creates Ableton Live Drum Racks.
  • Automatically create up to 25 new Drum Racks at a time.
  • Saves Drum Racks to the default Ableton Live Library location.
  • Analyzes your sample library for drum samples and categorizes the the sounds it finds.
  • .WAV or.AIFF.
  • The Drum Rack's key map is based off of GM2 Percussion Map.
  • The key map is cross referenced with the library analysis to place a random sound on a key and keep that sound within the same category. The idea is that the C1 key will always have a kick sound while the D1 key will always have a snare sound.
  • The analysis of your sample library is saved so that you only have to analyze your library once. If you want to use a new source of sounds just re-analyze your library or browse to the new source of samples.
  • The analysis algorithm relies on the names of your samples to categorize them. For example, if it finds the word "cymbal" inside the file name of a sample then it will categorize that file as a cymbal, etc.
  • The analysis algorithm filters out samples the are greater than a certain file size. This ensures that the samples it uses for the Drum Racks are appropriately short in duration as befits drum sounds in a drum kit.
  • The Drum Racks are saved to the Ableton Live's default library location which are:
    • Documents\Ableton\Library on Windows 7.
    • Library/Ableton/Library on OSX.

Drum Racks Diesel is free. The current version is 0.3.



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