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Jonathan Pivar updates Zen Musical Harmonizer ZMH-1 for iOS to v1.0.3

Jonathan Pivar

Jonathan Pivar has updated Zen Musical Harmonizer ZMH-1, a vocal/instrument harmonizer app for iPad and iPhone, to v1.0.3.

New for Version 1.0.3:

  • Stereo.
  • Per-Note Panning Knob.
  • New and Improved Graphics and UI.

ZMH-1 has four different ways to interact with harmony (one at a time):

  1. Playable Harmonizer--Play different chord buttons (Major, Major 6, Major 7, minor, minor 6, minor 7) to transform your one note into harmony in real time.
  2. Pseudo-Smart Harmonizer--Reads your monophonic input signal (guitar, voice, etc.) and generates the correct harmony notes based on the chosen key.
  3. Shifter--Shift your signal with a choice of intervals.
  4. Octave--Makes your signal sound huge with up-to-five octaves per single note played or sung.

ZMH-1 supports:

  • Universal App.
  • Stereo.
  • Audiobus (Third-Party App).
  • Inter-App Audio.
  • Per-Note Volume Sliders.
  • Per-Note Panning Knob.

More information available at zenmusicalharmonizer.com

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