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Cycling '74

Cycling '74 updates Max to v7.2.5

Cycling '74 recently updated Max to v7.2.5.

Fixed Bugs:

  • hi: fixed 64-bit usage.
  • jit.expr: fixed functors for 64-bit.
  • jit.gl.imageunit: fixed for Mac El Capitan OS.
  • jit.movie~: works in a standalone.
  • Max For Live jit.movie: fixed texture_output glitches in Live in certain situations.
  • MIDI: deleted devices are properly hidden from the UI and @name attribute.
  • mpeparse: correct zone number in mpeevent output for channel pressure events.
  • playbar: only bangs jit.movie if @automatic is set to '0'.
  • plot~: redraws properly after a buffer~'s size is changed.
  • polymidiin: properly outputs all cc/pitchbend messages.
  • VIDDLL jit.movie: fixed crash when asyncread sent with movie file already loaded.
  • VIDDLL jit.movie: fixed issue with certain gifs when @output_texture is enabled.

Max 7.2.4

New Features:

  • Mira: supports USB connectivity (Mac only).
  • Mira: misc bug fixes and Max 7 compatibility.
  • mpeparse: @index attribute to set mpeparse to output only on the specified voice number (from 1 to 15).
  • mpeparse: added third release velocity value for note output.
  • mpeparse: accepts 'mpeevent' messages.
  • MIDI: @name attribute to set the object's MIDI port based on a device name (case-sensitive partial string match).
  • VIDDLL video engine: can set ffmpeg options via dictionary input.
  • VIDDLL video engine: jit.record & jit.vcr functionality.
  • VIDDLL video engine: jit.movie asyncread to read movie files in a background thread.
  • VIDDLL video engine: jit.movie loadram caches frames in a background thread (BETA).
  • VIDDLL video engine: jit.movie~ external for sending movie files with audio tracks to MSP (BETA).
  • VIDDLL video engine: jit.movie support for animated GIFs.
  • VIDDLL video engine: jit.movie support for reading from URLs.

Fixed Bugs:

  • AVF video engine: fixed blackmagic crash when Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini-Monitor is plugged in.
  • date: reports correct time / date.
  • Gen codebox: appropriately locked in abstraction.
  • Gen codebox: no longer replaced by default genpatcher on save (when hosted in poly~).
  • jit.grab/jit.movie: fixed output_texture crash when enabled without valid gl context.
  • jit.movie: more consistency in behavior on loop end across video engines.
  • jit.movie: fix for non-unique output on VIDDLL and AVF engines.
  • live.param~: now uses a 64 sample buffer to avoid distortion / zippering.
  • Max For Live: fixed deadlock when freezing a device.
  • MIDI input ports: properly registers Novation Launchpad multi-ports.
  • Packages: fixed multi-arch packages on windows 32-bit OS.
  • pictctrl: no longer ignores offset.
  • serial: fixed crash when chunk attribute is > 1 (Win only).

Max 7.2.3

Fixed Bugs:

  • autocomplete: no longer fails with delete key on windows and fn+delete on mac.
  • AVF video engine: fixed movie load frame issues.
  • dict: right inlet is properly 'cold'.
  • Gen: Code panel brackets expressions properly.
  • Gen: delay operator ref appears in sidebar.
  • Gen: removed 256 MB limit for data.
  • gen~: further fixes for samplerate in exported code.
  • jit.grab: Fixed fallback to dx engine.
  • jit.matrix: importmovie fixes for VIDDLL engine.
  • jit.movie: fixed crash with some m4v files and viddll engine.
  • Jitter: Windows no longer requires Quicktime.
  • Max For Live: fixed OpenGL-related crash when un-freezing some amxd devices.
  • normalize~: fixed large value output miscalculation.
  • Rewire: msprewiredevice.bundle back in installer.
  • sfplay~ / buffer~: fixed issues with read / import mp3 in 64-bit when OS language is Polish.
  • spigot~: fixed crash on Windows x86 when Quicktime is not installed.
  • VIDDLL: properly found and used when included in standalone.
  • VIZZIE / BEAP toolbar mini browser: fixed crash when scrolling mousewheel or two-finger swipe.
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