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KissBox updates VSTizer DSS-1 to Version 2


KissBox has released a major upgrade to their VSTizer DSS-1 plugin. The VSTizers are VST plugins which virtualize hardware synthesizers in any VST host via a RTP-MIDI link to the physical machine.

The VSTizer DSS-1 is both an editor and a librarian for the synthesizer. Moreover, the VSTizer DSS-1 allows a used to send VST banks made from diskette images over RTP-MIDI, avoiding the use of the original floppy disks to load the synthesizer. It is also possible to generate VST banks from a floppy disk.

The new version of the VSTizer DSS-1 can also:

  • Create and edit multisounds and their sounds.
  • Import WAV files in multisounds.
  • Edit loop definition points.

For the users without VST host, the VSTizer DSS-1 can also work as a standalone application, the use of RTP-MIDI avoiding any conflict with native MIDI interfaces of the system.

Price: The VSTizer DSS-1 is offered for free in form of a bundle to all customers of RTP-MIDI KissBox interfaces (MIDI2TR, CM-MIDI, MIDI8TR, etc.). A version compatible with other RTP-MIDI interfaces available on the market will be available soon.



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