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Koord announces video integration in the real-time remote music collaboration service/app


Koord has announced video integration in the latest update to the Real-time Collaborative Tool, saying:

We can finally say that Koord it's like "Zoom for musicians". You no longer have to connect to third-party apps to see each other playing.

Koord enables musicians to create remote rehearsal sessions and play together online in real-time:

Audio latency has been a massive barrier for musicians when using mainstream video conferencing software to play online in real-time. If you've tried this, you know how frustrating it can be to get things to stay in sync. This is primarily because audio latency in these programs is unacceptably high for musical performance. To add to the problem, their audio compression algorithms degrade audio quality so much that it will probably not be good enough for musicians' ears.

Koord service optimizes for low latency and quality audio. All you need to get started is to be within a radius of 1000 Km (620 miles) from one of our available regions, have a device with a decent internet connection, a pair of headphones to hear the session mix, and a creative friend to play with.

The Koord App is available for desktops (Windows, macOS, and Linux) and mobile devices (iOS and Android). Download the App at koord.live/downloads



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