We are now in the download and voting stage of the KVR Developer Challenge 2012. This news item features an entry called HYDi by TD. You can download it for free here.

Here's what they say about it:

HYDi can only be described as one thing - Quirky. Based on a simple 3xOsc subtractive synth workflow, but with some twists. She has two voices - but is not duophonic, and should be played like a monosynth. She's built on a Don Buchla inspired philosophy - "Uniqueness above all else". Built with more heart than technology.

Main Features:

  • Generator 1 & 2 : 18x Different waveshapes/processes.
  • x-parameter: PW, Morph, Destable, etc. (when available).
  • Generator 3 : Sub-divided into 3 Categories:
    1. Auxiliary : 9x extra waveshapes.
    2. Noize : 7x types.
    3. Sub-generator : 5x waveshapes.
  • 2x LFO: 9x shapes.
  • 4x Envelopes:
    1. 1x Dedicated ADSR DCA (Punch & Exponential Responses available).
    2. 1x Dedicated Filter ADSR .
    3. 1x Free ADSR.
    4. 1x Free AD.
  • 3 out of the 4 Envelopes has a "reset to zero" option - as a bonus, but be careful - can cause clicks - especially the DCA.
  • Main DCF - 11 types:(zero-delay-feedback)
    • LP12 A, LP12 B, LP18, LP24 A, LP24 B*, LP6 (with resonance).
    • LP-LP, LP-BR, BP-LP, BP6, HP12.

*Original code by Teemu Voipio.

  • Small 4note Sequencer.
  • 3x Play modes:
    1. Mono (not really mono, but flip-voice and release steal - didn't fit on the GUI).
    2. Dual - not duophonic - similar to the above - but release stages will overlap.
    3. Unison - Actually as the name implies - Voice2 can be delayed as well.


  • 2x Effects slots: Effects specially designed/tweaked for HYDi:
    1. Alfa Chorus - pretty unique under the hood.
    2. Dual BPM Delays .
    3. Three Band Resonator - the synth EQ.
    4. Digital Hell - Continuous Bit-Depth Manipulation, SampleRate Reduction that follows the highest note, OR bit-toggling and finally sprinkled with "J1 shaper" a Bessel function of the first kind.
    5. Theta Flanger - Made to chill.
    6. Polar Phaser - same as above.
    7. SSB Frequency Shifter.
    8. Early Reflections Generator - space, without the reverb.
    9. Modulation Reverb - simple - for big chorused spaces.
    10. Zero Modulation Reverb - exact opposite of above, more "focused".
    11. Transgate - simple 8x step gate - with a choice for any two steps to have on probability.

Changes in v1.1:

  • Various Bug-fixes.


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