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KVR Developer Challenge 2021KVRDC21: King Oz Records DSPplug Blumlein Shield - Free Noise Suppression Plugin for Windows VST


With the KVR Developer Challenge 2021 at the download and voting stage it's time to focus on each of the 37 entries that are available now, for free, for everyone.

DSPplug Blumlein Shield by King Oz Records
Windows VST

The Blumlein Shield uses mid / side and some really classic, pleasing things to get rid of background noise. But what it does not do is use AI.

I was inspired by RTX voice that took a different approach, because I had realized that RTX Voice requires that you be close to the microphone. This means in essence, keeping the sound somewhat true to how it sounded originally was the focus.

In the case of the popular RN noise, most often it will amplify the high register, making mouth noises and breathing all too audible. While this tact means that you can be further away from the microphone and still be heard; it also bears the aforementioned hindrance.

Using the Blumlein shield after the rnnoise plug-in would seem to the most advantageous, because it means that you can rely on rnnoise's object orientated programming to make a signal further away seem closer and then also you can use the Blumlein shield to get rid of the room noise and some extra unwanted artifacts left from RNnoise after that process.

Given the fact that the Blumlein shield has volume also; it would seem a perfect marriage.


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