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So, officially; DSPplug & King Oz Records got started in about 2015; That's when I (Le Attol/King OZ) had a few amateur singles and albums that I'd had on the internet. It seemed like fun. And often times I'd thought the money that I had spent for plugins was well worth it, and it wasn't. I tried everything, I tried re-branding; I tried various methods and styles of creating an act that sometimes were altogether embarrassing. Bit I realize, I wanted to succeed; just like an actor and I was willing to make it work somehow and be what I needed to be, sometimes in vain.

It just doesn't stop being frustrating too; When mixing music unless You have something that really works well. And due to My own frustration I've learned how to make some of the better audio software available on the internet.

I make commercially sound plugins, I test them in a variety of ways. I ensure that they are always below at most 5% CPU use; And ideally I prefer 1-1.3% of the CPU used, but sometimes mastering plugins are worth their weight. They can cost roughly 2.5% CPU.

So, when it's all said and done I have about a year of embarrassing technical flaws to catch up with and utilizing My own software to remedy them keeps Me busy. I have a feeling when I've remixed everything, using My own software, instead of high priced commercial stuff, I'll be a lucrative artist. Sometimes too, I make some decent music:


However, ultimately My goal I hope to realize is making Soundtracks for movies, television, miniseries and maybe even Youtube. It's one of the markets in music that still pays fairly well.

Good luck using the DSP software Manufactured and Released by king OZ records.

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DSPplug esquire3
Reviewed By Mastartiq
December 2nd, 2021

Great Open-Source Limiter plugin! It has very low CPU consumption and it does the job. Very needed for me on individual channels. Many thanks to you for your amazing work on developing Open-Source plugins for the community.

Response from kingozrecords from DSPplug on December 3rd, 2021

Thankyou, this is very kind. Please try the latest, which represents a true release candidate. You'll be quite excited when you test the new version which has some advantages I think.

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DSPplug boardstation
Reviewed By stratomaster
May 25th, 2020

This is an incredible value! One might think 40 bands of EQ verges on overkill, but one would think wrong. I have only owned this plugin for a few weeks, but it has become an essential part of my DAW. For example, I like to mix down kick drum and bass together using complementary boost/reduce EQing. The Boardstation gives me plenty of sonic territory to play with. I also find this plugin is great for raising the volume of a VST instrument in a mix. Whereas I used to use limiters, compressors, or saturation plugins, the Boardstation brings out the instrument with a few small adjustments to selected bands.

By the way, the product support is equally incredible.

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LA bands 2 15 band graphic EQ
Reviewed By kingozrecords
September 1st, 2019

I use it everyday and plan a new version! enjoy! I plan a new version with a lowpass and highpass. Furthermore, it should be possible to offer more gain. This could be done by ensuring there was a careful algorithm regarding resonance. So, ultimately, that the resonance would become thin and have less effect when treble is maxed, and in turn that resonance would be more pervasive when using the bass in a negative fashion so as to act as a high pass. Such an advancement could be a real timesaver.

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