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KVR Developer Challenge 2023KVRDC23: Jahudka Subsim - Free Web App


The KVR Developer Challenge 2023 is now at the download and voting stage it's time to focus on each of the 23 entries that are available now, for free, for everyone.

Subsim by Jahudka
Standalone Application

Subsim is a web-based subwoofer array simulator. It is a simple visualisation tool showing an approximation of how sound at a given frequency coming from multiple sources will propagate through space and what interferences will arise. It is meant to help engineers learn about basic principles of subwoofer array design, while giving them a free hand to try out their own ideas and inventions.

There is a couple of predefined projects you can go through to see both some of the aforementioned basic principles and some of the features of the tool. Here are some highlights:

  • Web-based, no download or installation required. Mobile friendly.
  • Highly optimised engine allows for near-instantaneous rendering. No more setting a target frequency, pressing a button and going to get a coffee.
  • (Almost) fully parametric - all numeric parameters can use mathematical expressions and these expressions can contain user-defined variables.
  • Visualisation of arrival times from different sources at a given point in space.
  • Rudimentary support for first reflections.
  • Adjustable dynamic range and step. Get a beautiful (but not as useful) gradient-like image, or a slightly less beautiful (but much more useful) isobaric prediction of areas with similar SPL.
  • Export to JPG and PNG (with or without UI elements).
  • Save projects in the browser, or export them to a simple text file you can share with others.
  • Free and open source.

Download, vote & donate at



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