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Loomer releases Shift - Diatonic Granular Pitch Shifting and Delay Effect


Loomer has announced the release of Shift, a real-time diatonic granular pitch shifting and delay effect for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It has three independent, true stereo, delay lines, each with their own transposition and delay controls, which can be combined to build complex delay structures such as ping-pong delays or harmonized chord echoes.

ShiftFeatures / specification:

  • Three independent true stereo delay lines.
  • Retro granular pitch shifting sound.
  • Pitch shift each delay line by up to an octave up or down, with semitone transposition and finely grained cent detune controls.
  • Three modes for each delay line: Chromatic, Recursive, and Diatonic.
  • Diatonic pitch tracking for monophonic audio sources.
  • Modulation LFO with independent time and pitch modulation controls for each delay line.
  • MIDI Learn for hardware control of all parameters.

Pricing & Availability

Priced at £35, Shift is available for Mac OS X Universal Binary (AU, VST & RTAS), Windows (VST & RTAS) and Linux (VST).

An evaluation is available for free download, with the following limitations:

  • User created Program and Bank configurations can be saved, but not loaded.
  • Output will be periodically interrupted, approximately every minute, by a short moment of silence.
  • Audio output will stop after 30 minutes of continuous use. The only way to continue using Shift is to restart the application.


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