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SoniqWare releases MT-1 Multiband Transient Processor v1.0


SoniqWare has announced the release of MT-1, a new stereo multiband transient processor with four frequency bands, linear phase crossover filters and individual attack and release controls.

MT-1You can use MT-1 to:

  • Increase or decrease the impact of percussive sounds.
  • Lengthen or shorten the decay or reverberation.

Feature / specification summary:

  • Quickly set the overall effect with Link button on.
  • Apply finer adjustments of each individual band.
  • Linear phase adjustable crossover filters.
  • Fast detectors.
  • Controls for both attack and release.
  • Graphical display: crossover filters and make-up gains.
  • Load and save programs and banks.
  • Two channels (stereo and M/S encoding).
  • Wide range of supported sample rates.
  • Use of SSE/SSE2 instructions.

Pricing & Availability

SoniqWare MT-1 is available for $199 / €159 in VST effect format for Windows XP / Vista.



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