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Martin Eastwood ports Muxer's Instant Sampler to Windows VST

Martin Eastwood Audio

Martin Eastwood has ported Muxer's open source Instant Sampler Audio Unit plug-in to Windows as a VST effect.

InstantSampler is a simple sampler that records audio from the audio input when a MIDI note is played for the first time. Any consecutive time you play the same note, it plays back the recorded audio with the possibility to vary or trigger:

  • Velocity.
  • Attack and release.
  • The level of the input audio which is passed unaffected while no samples are played.
  • Playback speed using the pitchbend control.
  • Normal or reversed playback.
  • Looped scrolling, which enables you to use the modulation wheel to control the position in a sample at which small loops are played (e.g. "hello" becomes "h-h-e-e-l-l-o-o").
  • Clearing of the sample memory.


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