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Mathew Lane releases DrMS Spatial Processor Plug-in v4.0 (incl. 64-bit)

Mathew Lane

Mathew Lane has announced the release of Version 4 of the DrMS spatial processor plugin.

Version 4.0 is a native 32-bit and 64-bit VST, AU and RTAS plugin for Mac OS X and Windows. It features massive CPU performance optimisation, while ensuring the same high quality sound DrMS is known for. The update also features an improved GUI with a built in preset management system facilitating simple exchange of settings between different hosts and platforms.

DrMS spatial processor presents a creative approach to the manipulation of stereo audio. It is based on MS (Mid-Side) processing, but DrMS splits the stereo signal into four parts rather than the normal two, giving you a high level of control: Zoom in, add Depth, change Width or any combination and more. DrMS takes you wherever you want to go in the stereo field.

DrMS spatial processor version 4 features:

  • Native 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/RTAS plugin for OS X & Windows. Avid AAX support is planned.
  • Much lower CPU use - same high quality sound.
  • Build in preset management system - exchange presets between hosts and platforms.
  • Improved GUI.
  • MS encoding & decoding.
  • Spatial audio processing: Zoom in, add Depth, change Width.
  • Mastering grade filters.
  • Resonant HPF, LPF and Delay on each of the four processing sections.
  • Feedback circuit for reverb creation and special effects.
  • Full mono compatibility.
  • Autogain circuit for easy level matched A/B comparison.
  • Smart MCU control surface layout.
  • Wide range of applications for mixing, mastering and post production, going from simple MS encoding/decoding, over stereo field and depth enhancement, to fixing mono compatibility issues and more.
  • Presets developed by Dylan '3D' Dresdow (Black Eyed Peas, Michael Jackson, Usher) and Emre Ramazanoglu (Shakira, Duffy, Alexander McQueen).

DrMS v4.0 is immediately available for only €99 (ex. VAT) at www.mathewlane.com. A 14-day iLok Demo License period can be requested via the Mathew Lane website.

DrMS v4.0 is a free upgrade for all DrMS v3 customers. For DrMS v1 and v2 users, an upgrade path to DrMS v4.0 is offered for €49 (ex. VAT).

For more info, please visit www.mathewlane.com

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