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NAMM 2021MIDI Association schedules events during Believe In Music Week

The MIDI Association

The MIDI Association has scheduled a series of virtual events during the NAMM Believe In Music event. The events are free for all people who register at attend.believeinmusic.tv.

MIDI Session 1: MIDI Polyphonic Expression MPE
January 18 9:00 am PST

MPE is a relatively new MIDI specification, the universal protocol for electronic music. MPE allows digital instruments to behave more like acoustic instruments in terms of spontaneous, polyphonic sound control. So players can modulate parameters like timbre, pitch, and amplitude — all at the same time.

Join Audio Modeling, Keith McMillan Industries, moForte and ROLI and other MPE companies in an exploration of MIDI Polyphonic Expression.

MIDI Session 2: MIDI 2.0 Profile Configuration and Property Exchange
January 18 - 10:00 am PST

MIDI gear can now have Profiles that can dynamically configure a device for a particular use case. The MIDI Association has adopted our first Profile – Default Controller Mapping and is considering Profiles for Orchestral Articulations, Drawbar Organ, Guitar, Piano, DAW Control, Effects and more.

While Profiles set up an entire device, Property Exchange messages provide specific, detailed information sharing. These messages can discover, retrieve, and set many properties like preset names, individual parameter settings, and unique functionalities. For example, your recording software could display everything you need to know about a synthesizer onscreen, effectively bringing hardware synths up to the same level of recallability as their software counterparts.

MIDI Session 3: Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI (Wireless MIDI)
January 18- 11:00 am PST

When MIDI first started there was only one transport- the 5 Pin Din cable.But soon there were many different ways to send MIDI messages over USB, RTP, Firewire, and many more cables and transports. But none has been more transformative than MIDI-BLE because it allows you to send MIDI wirelessly over Bluetooth freeing products and performers from the restriction of being tethered to a cable. Join Aodyo, CME, Novalia, Roland, Quicco, Yamaha, and other BLE companies in a discussion of the benefits of BLE-MIDI.

MIDI Session 4: MIDI 2.0 Protocol Messages- The Key to Making MIDI More Expressive
January 18 1:30 pm PST

MIDI 2.0 is bi-directional and changes MIDI from a monologue to a dialog. For example, with the new MIDI-CI (Capability Inquiry) messages, MIDI 2.0 devices can talk to each other, and auto-configure themselves to work together.

To deliver a new level of musical and artistic expressiveness, MIDI 2.0 re-imagines the role of performance controllers, Controllers are now easier to use, and there are more of them: over 32,000 controllers, including controls for individual notes. Enhanced, 32-bit resolution gives controls a smooth, continuous, "analog" feel. New Note-On options were added for articulation control and precise note pitch.



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