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Mix Challenge - Competitions in January 2019

Mix Challenge

The Mix Challenge competitions start off with one game this month.

The following challenge is currently open to compete in:

  1. Songwriting Competition #017:
    • The theme being "Community Scramble".
    • Create a production any genre you feel like.
    • Deadline: 24th of January.

Prizes will be awarded to the Winners Podium. Among them: Acon Digital, Bjulin Waves, Ghostwave Audio, Hollow Sun, Hornet Plugins, IK Multimedia, kv331 audio, Luftrum, Metric Halo, MuTools, NOS Audio, Rekkerd Sounds, Satyatunes Graphic and Sound Design, Tone2 and Two Notes Audio Engineering.

The Mix Challenge is introducing a new yearly recurring Songwriting Competition, called "Community Scramble". Songwriting Competition #017 (SWC #017 in short) will be the first incarnation of this special challenge.

Throughout December, the Mix Challenge community collected an interesting selection of self-created sounds and samples, which are used as the sole sound source for this particular game. However participants can mangle this material through re-sampling, modulation, wavetable synthesis or similar. No additional instrument usage is allowed. Adding vocals being the exception. The main idea is to spark creativity with access to only a limited selection of sounds.

The rules and guidelines of the Songwriting Competition will apply. SWC #017 will run until 24th January 2019. The Mix(ing) Challenge is on vacation until February 2019.



Discussion: Active
2 January 2019 at 5:04pm

"Deadline: 24th of December."

"SWC #017 will run until 24th January 2019."

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