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Mod Sound releases Velvetverb - Reverb plugin for Windows and macOS

Mod Sound

VelvetverbMod Sound has released Velvetverb, a Reverb plugin for Windows and macOS. They say:

Velvetverb is a modern algorithmic reverb plugin designed to widen and liven up any sound, no matter how narrow and static. It uses velvet noise convolution to efficiently build up echo density. Velvetverb's algorithms are inspired by the characteristics of real spaces, but favor perceptual quality over realism.


  • Four unique, flexible reverb modes - Velvet Room, Hall Effect, Plate Glass, and Dark Energy.
  • Far-reaching control sweeps, from natural room sounds, to swirling soundscapes, to warbling resonances, to otherworldly washes.
  • Larger-than-life stereo field impression, superwide responses to all input signals.
  • Smooth, lively detuning and chorusing.
  • Fine-grained control of reverb frequency response.
  • Simple, powerful interface.
  • GPU-accelerated stereo field visualizer.
  • Built-in presets to get you started.

Price: $60. A 14-day free trial is available.

Video Demo: YouTube.com/watch?v=FRzds47Zz7Y



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