Molecular Bytes

MolecularBytes has updated the room- and reverb plug-in AtomicReverb for Mac OS X and Windows to version 1.2.220.

This minor/service update includes some improvements, change and fixes to the current release version 1.2(.218)

Changes in Detail:

  • Room-algorithm (Tail-B): Extensively improved density, corrected time display.
  • Room-algorithm (Tail-B): Damping Level more sensitive.
  • Room-algorithm (Tail-B): Attack more accurate.
  • Room-algorithm (Tail-B): Stereo enhancement.
  • Default-Preset changed.
  • TRIAL-Version: No annoying sine/noise sound. Now fading silence every ~120 seconds.


  • Dry/Wet lock switch also added to Overview-Page.
  • Room-algorithm (Tail-B): Damping issues.
  • Reverb-Tail stereo corrected.

Users of earlier versions will get the update for free. A free trial version and user manuals will be available for download on the developer's website.

Price: 69€.



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